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MetaTrader 4
There are many software can be used to fry foreign exchange, but statistics show that the most used or MT4 software, whether it is a novice investor or consulting foreign exchange players, most are also choose MT4 software to operate. So why use MT4 software foreign exchange, how to choose a reliable foreign exchange platform? This article will explain these two novice concerns to you.
Why MT4 software for foreign exchange
MT4 forex software interface is simple and easy to operate
MT4 interface Settings from a simple chart at a glance, so that investors in the operation of the time to be able to quickly and easily, this is very necessary for the novice foreign exchange trading, if the operation is too cumbersome, it will delay more precious time.
MT4 forex software supports transaction records query
A lot of friends want to view their own records, easy to summarize their trading experience to improve operational skills, some software is not support this function, but MT4 software can support trading records query work, which provides a lot of investors with convenience.
MT4 forex software supports the addition of custom indicators
Although MT4 trading software support common technical indicators, but because the investor's preference is different, some friends prefer some not common technical indicators, in the general system is not, but in MT4 software investors can add their own download or their own written technical indicators to use, This is a great boon for those with strong analytical skills.
How to choose a reliable foreign exchange platform
1. The stability of foreign exchange platform is good. This is mainly reflected in the stability of the operation of margin platform itself and the consistency of international market data. Due to the level of risk management, the performance of software used by different platforms and the size of servers are different, as well as the distance between network servers and mainland China and other factors, the stability of operation of different margin platforms varies greatly.
2. The supervision system of foreign exchange platforms should be improved. In the case of large fluctuations in the market, margin companies with weak risk control ability may not be in debt or even go bankrupt. If families choose to invest in margin companies, it will be safer to choose margin companies in moderately regulated countries. Especially when systemic financial risks occur, the interests of small and medium investors will be better protected.
3. The channels of money in and out of the foreign exchange platform should be unimpeded. Inflows may be more important than outflows because margin trades may require immediate cover. If the channels were not open, it would take days for a remittance to arrive and investors would have already sold out. Of course, the money has to be quick.
4. The design of the foreign exchange platform should be humanized. Simple trading operations are very beneficial to investors, margin companies should consider more for the operation of customers, the more user-friendly design investors will like.
As for the choice of foreign exchange software and platform, this paper focuses on why MT4 software is used for foreign exchange and how to choose a reliable foreign exchange platform. It can be seen that investors choose MT4 software, MetaTrader 4 which is mainly MT4 software itself has powerful functions, but also simple and convenient in operation. As for choosing a formal foreign exchange trading platform, you can judge and choose according to the several aspects mentioned above. Of course, in addition to choosing the right software and formal platform, investors also need to constantly improve their investment level.
Forex platform
At present, in addition to a few domestic banks, foreign exchange is more investment in the international foreign exchange platform, there are a lot of international foreign exchange, these platforms have formal and informal, so investors should be careful when choosing. This paper focuses on how to judge whether the foreign exchange platform is normal, and then explains whether international foreign exchange investment is reliable.
How to see foreign exchange platform normal
To see how to see whether the foreign exchange platform is normal, you can judge from the following aspects.
First check the trend of the platform funds. At present, there is no foreign exchange margin trading platform in China. If domestic investors want to speculate foreign exchange, they can only open accounts online through foreign or Hong Kong foreign exchange platforms. This leads to investors' funds are all remitted to foreign countries. If the platform needs investors to remit funds to domestic accounts, then there is no doubt that the platform is a black platform.
Secondly, use trading software to verify. MT4 trading software on the market is now the first choice for speculation foreign exchange, as long as it is a regular foreign exchange trading platform will set up MT4 trading accounts. Forex platform And foreign exchange black platform is generally no MT4 trading account or use a fake MT4 account, investors had better refuse to do not MT4 foreign exchange trading platform.
Two points should be paid attention to when choosing a foreign exchange platform to open an account: First, the foreign exchange platform must be under the formal supervision of FSA or NFA, and can be queried through the supervision ID number. In addition, there is no adverse historical record in its filing. Second, the money must be kept in a segregated account, that is, a bank account held in escrow by a third party bank, never a personal account.
Finally, check the regulatory information of the foreign exchange platform. Supervision is an important guarantee for the safety of investors' funds, and the better platform is supervised by the British FSA and the American NFA. The United States and Britain have strict regulations and laws governing the security of currency dealers' client funds. Investors on how to identify regulatory authenticity can visit the regulator's website.
Do international foreign exchange investment is reliable
Foreign exchange is the world's largest financial market by volume. The average daily trading volume of the foreign exchange market is as high as $5.3 trillion. The market circulation is extremely high, which is dozens of times higher than the stock market of any other country. The price activity makes it have investment potential.
International foreign exchange does not stop trading 24 hours, two-way trading is more flexible. Foreign exchange trading is a 24-hour market. Foreign exchange trading is to buy a currency and sell another currency, if investors are optimistic about the trend of a currency can choose to buy in the market; If you are bearish on the trend of a currency can choose to sell in the market. Investment opportunities are more flexible and more profitable in both rising and falling markets.
International foreign exchange transactions are easy to operate. Foreign exchange trading mainly adopts online trading platform to place orders directly. The online trading platform provided by foreign exchange company has complete functions, so investors can operate easily and conveniently.Forex platform
Regarding the issue of international foreign exchange, this paper finally introduces how to see whether a certain foreign exchange platform is normal or not, and makes specific explanations from three aspects, which investors can use for reference when choosing. As for whether international foreign exchange investment is reliable, foreign exchange investment has its own advantages and characteristics, if investors can choose a formal platform, coupled with their own certain technology, then speculation foreign exchange is still very reliable.
Trade Gold
A lot of laymen don't understand why so many investors go into foreign currency gold, but the fact is that they are not stupid, because they can make money by investing in foreign currency gold. This article focuses on introducing the advantages of foreign exchange gold, as well as gold foreign exchange trend analysis how to do.
What are the advantages of foreign exchange gold
As a precious commodity, gold's price rises with inflation, protecting investors' assets from inflation.
As well as being an excellent hedge against inflation, gold has a special "safe haven" function. When the world political and economic instability and even war and serious economic crisis, the monetary credit of any country will be questioned, Trade Gold and all kinds of common investment instruments are inevitably affected, then the inflow of hedge funds can often push up the price of gold. At the same time, with the continuous increase of gold mining and demand, gold's hedging attribute will be further enhanced.
In addition, gold, as a non-renewable rare metal, has been mined for more than half of the earth's reserves, and the supply of gold will only decrease in the future. This fundamental factor determines the long-term upward trend of gold, even if there are ups and downs in the process. Thus, one of the main characteristics of gold investment compared with stocks and real estate is that it is not prone to crashes. As long as investors are patient enough to hold it, they can make solid returns over the long term by paying proper attention to the price whenever it falls back near its long-term trend line.
Stock investment can only make money if it goes up, while foreign exchange can buy up as well as down, as long as you choose the right direction to make money. In the stock market, the time of short market is far more than the time of long market, investment opportunities are not easy to grasp, so the stock market is not a long-term investment value of the market, which is also the reason for the loss of many stock investors.
A minimum investment of $250 (about 2,000 yuan) is required to open an account. Successful investors can earn several times their money in a year.
Gold foreign exchange trend analysis
In the basic analysis, although it may include the evaluation of market supply and demand, the calculation of the ratio of price and profit, as well as the study of other economic indicators, the factors affecting market psychology are not taken into account. The problem is that sometimes markets are largely driven by sentiment.
An ounce of emotion is worth a pound of truth. Technical analysis provides a unique mechanism for measuring "non-rational" (market sentiment) factors in markets.
Technical analysis is an important part of the trading style with clear discipline. All traders are hard-wired for emotional problems, and strict discipline helps mitigate their negative effects. As soon as you put money into the market, emotionalism takes over the driver's seat, while rationalism and objectivity are relegated to the passenger seat.
Technical analysis can put the objectivity principle back in the driver's seat. Technical analysis provides a mechanism by which we can select entry and exit points, determine risk/reward ratios, and design stop-loss exit levels. By taking the measures mentioned above, we can establish a set of effective standards for risk management and capital management.
On the issue of foreign exchange gold investment, this paper focuses on the advantages of foreign exchange gold, and how to do the analysis of gold foreign exchange trend. By now you should be able to see the advantages of investing in foreign currency gold, of course, you need to master more investment skills to make real money. As for gold foreign exchange trend analysis, we need to choose the right method.